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Col. Latinoamerica.
Saltillo, Coah. México. C.P. 25270. Tel:(844)439-1805

Ave.Delas Rosas No. 12-A Col. Jardín
H.Matamoros,Tamps.CP. 87330
Tel: (868) 813-1909 Tel/Fax:(868) 813-2514

143 North Street Suite E
Brownsville, Texas. 78521
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Valley Commercial Latinoamerica S.A De C.V Privacy Policy

Valley Commercial Latinoamerica S.A De C.V has written the following policy to demonstrate our commitment to privacy. This privacy policy describes how we gather and disseminate information. (Note that our web site may contain links to third-party sites. Valley Commercial Latinoamerica S.A De C.V is not responsible for the privacy policies of these third-party sites.)


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We use your IP address and browser information to diagnose problems with our web site and to compile demographic data for internal purposes. We do not share this information with third parties.


Except for correspondence regarding your orders, we will not contact you via e-mail unless you explicitly choose to receive it (i.e., opt in). We do not tolerate or support spam.

Personal Data

In order to place an order with Valley Commercial Latinoamerica S.A De C.V, you must register for an account. You must also submit your address, contact information, and payment information. Your address may be provided to third-party vendors and carriers to ship your order. Your contact information is used to update you on the status of your order and/or to contact you if there are problems with your order. Your payment information is used to bill your order. Beyond functions directly related to fulfilling your order, we do not share any of this information with third parties.

We maintain your account information and your order history on our servers. We do not share this information with third parties.


You may update your account information by one of two methods:

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